Saturday, July 26

Andersons on Anderson in Anderson

For those of you who have not heard, we have decided to stay here in Cincinnati for a little longer (at least). My fellowship finishes next June but we have decided to take a faculty position at Cincinnati Children's Hospital after I am finished. We love it here and the job is about as good as it gets for a pediatric cardiologist.

After we made the decision to stay we started looking for homes. We have been renting a house for the past two years and really wanted a place of our own. We looked at a number of places but really fell in love with a house just around the corner from us (see above). It is an old house with original hardwood floors and a half acre back yard. The girls won't have to change schools, in fact they won't even have to change bus stops. The silliest part of the new house though, is that it is on Anderson Avenue in Anderson Township. We will therefore be, at least for the next few years, the Andersons on Anderson in Anderson.

Thursday, July 17


Oh to have three older sisters and to be too small to fight back!