Sunday, May 28

Memorial Day Weekend at Falls Lake

This weekend we went camping and boating with some of our friends at Falls Lake. The forecast for Friday night included severe thunderstorm warnings and the possibility of nickel-sized hail. When we arrived at the campsite the sky was clear and blue. Several families arrived and we made it half-way through dinner before the forecast proved true (at least part of it.) We spent the next hour or so running back and forth between the campsite and the van to hide from the rain. Eventually the rain went away and we got back to dinner and s'mores.

The next morning we got up, ate breakfast, and headed to the beach. We spent most of the day at the beach and out on the lake. We are lucky to have such great friends to spend time with and to live in such a beautiful state. Soon we will have to say goodbye to both our friends and North sad for us.