Thursday, June 15

Off we go

After several months, innumerable prayers, and just about daily scrambles to clean the house to make it presentable for showings, we accepted an offer to sale. It is fortunate for us as it happened the day before we pack up the moving truck and head to Cincinnati. We are very grateful for the chance to get this done before we start a new chapter in our lives. We have been imagining for the last few weeks how we would make it work should we have to sell the house from Cincinnati, most significantly how we would afford to pay two house payments for who knew how many months. Thank goodness for blessings and the hard work of Karen and the girls to keep our home in immaculate shape so that it was so impressive to our buyers.

This picture is of our celebratory dinner at Tomato Jake's after selling our home. Like I said tomorrow we pack up everything we own into a moving truck (in fact, to be completely accurate, we pack up everything we own into 16 feet of an ABF trailer). We will then drive ourselves to Cincinnati, catch a plane to Utah from Indianapolis (hundreds of dollars cheaper to fly five bodies to Salt Lake City than from "the Natti"). We will spend the next week in Utah for by brother Spencer's wedding to Laura. Then we will fly back to Indianapolis, drive to Cincinnati, and unload our truck. If you aren't confused enough yet it gets worse. We will be able to move our 16 feet of stuff into our new home on June 24th but will not be able to move ourselves in until July 1st (long story) so we will be staying with our good friends Dave and Michelle Hooper for a week. I guess it is appropriate that we won't get settled until July 1st as that is when my life and our lives will change significantly for the next three years. More to follow...