Saturday, February 6

A year

Somehow the blog became less important. I blame work for being so busy but also blame Facebook for trying to take over the online world. Despite taking almost an entire year off I thought we would try this again. So here is a year-long update to catch us up...

Emma turned 12 so we now have a Beehive

Emma participated in one regional and one state Honors Choirs

Jeff finished cardiology fellowship and accepted a faculty position at Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Karen and the girls spent an entire month in Utah over the summer

Emma started 7th grade so we now have a Middle School student (and she is doing great with the change)

Karen took the GRE and rocked it and is now enrolled in the Masters of Statistics program at the University of Cincinnati

Miia turned 8 and was baptized

We drove to Utah to visit for Christmas...57 hours in the night stranded at the Relax Inn in eastern Kansas because of an ice storm...great visits with our family and friends in Utah, Denver and Kansas City

Jeff crashed on a snowboard...right knee swelling and pain...orthopedist visit...MRI...medial meniscus tear...knee surgery

We will try to do a better job posting in 2010!!