Saturday, March 31


Some of you guessed our little secret from my not so subtle post. We are going to have another baby!!! After a six year hiatus our little family is about to grow again. We shall see one more time if any of my y chromosomes are strong enough to beat out the x chromosomes and make us a boy. Considering the strong-willed girls that we have already made I am not counting on it. Luckily we make beautiful and happy girls and will be thrilled to have another if that is what happens. This time around we are going to wait until the birthday (due date November 4th) to find out the gender of the baby.

Karen is doing fairly well. A little bit sick but she tells me it is not so bad. I keep offering to find someone to write her a prescription for Zofran but she is too much of a trooper. I told her there should be some benefit to having a doctor husband, aside from the huge debt and having me work 80 hours a week but still she refused. The girls are so excited they can hardly handle it and the list of possible names for their new sibling grows each day.

Thank you for everyone who has already called with their congratulations. We, I am sure, will be calling for more advice and help as we feel like we are doing this again for the first time.