Wednesday, June 4


Sorry for the long time between posts. I have no excuses since work and life are always busy and will try to keep up. This past week we unexpectedly got a check in the mail for $1000. Now we have received plenty of big checks in the mail in the past but they usually are from car dealerships, mortgage companies, or banks looking to give us a new line of credit. This time it was a legitimate check worth real money. We are not used to having an extra $1000 lying around let alone having it unexpectedly so it has been interesting to think about the options. We have come down to a few and thought we would find out what you all thought. As we see it our options are as follow...

1. While we have always been careful about debt (forever credit card debt free!!) we could certainly send the money off to one of our many student loans, although sadly this amount would not even make a dent.

2. We could put the money toward our own retirement accounts and forget about it for a long time.

3. We have yet to start savings account for the girls and thought about splitting the money four ways and get going on that project.

4. We could put the money into food storage and stop feeling guilty every time we have a talk/lesson on the subject.

5. We could replace one of the many things that are running out of life in our home...dining set, couch, beds for the girls.....the list is fairly long.

6. We could continue to "discuss" and stare in awe at the check without actually doing anything.

Let us know what you think...poll is to the left.