Saturday, June 16

Self pride and accomplishment

We have finished another school year; Emma flew threw 4th grade and Mary through 2nd. Miia graduated from Preschool and is anxiously awaiting riding the bus to Kindergarten with her sisters next fall.

On the last day of school the girls brought their report cards home. Both did very well so we decided to take them out to dinner to celebrate. Emma has been working all year to change her Science grade from a B to an A so that she could not only be on the Honor Roll but so she could have all As and get an "Excellence" gold sticker on her Honor Roll certificate. She finally accomplished this during the last term and we are very proud of her for her hard work.

Emma was telling us about a conversation she was having with a few of her friends during the day, before the report cards were handed out. One of her friends was telling her that if she got straight As her parents were getting her a Nintendo DS Lite. Another friend informed her that if he got strait As he could choose any gift he wanted up to $500. Shocked at the gifts her classmates were earning I asked her what she had told them she would be getting if she got straight As. Without hesitation she said, "Self-pride and accomplishment." Amazed, I asked her if she really said that. She said, "Yeah, well it's true".

I am not sure at moments like this where our girls come from but I am proud of them for what they do and what type of people they are developing into.