Sunday, January 28

Hair adventures

So it started like this. You all know Miia: short, cute, full of energy, maybe a little bit stubborn at times. If you have forgotten who she is, here is a picture. See what I mean? Cute as abutton!

Mary, also very cute, had been asking for weeks to let her get her hair cut. Well she finally talked us into it so Karen was going to take her to the salon to get a trim. As little sisters often do Miia decided on the morning of the haircut that she wanted to be like her big sister and get a haircut too. Emma, who is a great big sister, offered to sacrifice some of her Friday morning and give Miia a trim, free of charge. Karen, one of the most thoughtful and trusting mothers in the world, agreed to let Emma work her magic. Just as Emma was setting up her beauty salon Karen got a phone call from a friend she hadn't talked to in some time. Those of you who know my cute wife know that she is a bit of a talker. Who knows how long she was on the phone, but when she actually got off she found her daughters in the bathroom, and one with about five inches less hair on the left side...

We have been trying to decide since that dreadful day who is more embarassed, Emma because she mangled her sister's hair, or Karen for not only letting her children play with scissors but for giving the go ahead to let them cut each others hair.

Anyway it was off to the salon for all three girls after "the incident" and $40 later the three of them have fashionable new hairdos. I think they look great and I always appreciate a story that gives me a good laugh. Thank goodness I have a wife and three girls who continually provide me these kind of stories.