Saturday, December 29


Christmastime is filled with traditions at our house. We each have carried traditions from our homes growing up and over the past 12 years have come up with some traditions of our own. Some of these include cheese bricks (Grammy) and prime rib (Nana and Rocket) on Christmas Eve followed by pajamas (Grammy) and ornaments (Nana) for the girls after reading the Christmas Box story (Pypers) and reading/singing The Little Gray Donkey (Grammy). On Christmas morning we make crepes before opening presents and have the girls take turns wearing a Santa hat and picking out presents for each other from under the tree.

Over the past couple of years I have taken each girl on a Christmas Date in first few weeks of December and we always take the girls to a movie on Christmas Day. Our favorite tradition has become making homemade gifts for each other. For the third year we have each made gifts for each other instead of buying something store-made. This has required us to start thinking about what to make several weeks/months before Christmas. It has become quite an adventure and the girls have become quite creative.

Traditions are so important to us. They are signposts that mark events in our lives every year as time continues to pass us by. I am so grateful for the traditions that we have continued and the new ones that we have created.