Sunday, March 16

We the people

We, The People of the Anderson household in order to form a more perfect family, to be fair, and have equal rights, do ordain and establish this constitution for our house...

Emma had the assignment in school to write a constitution for our family; so for the past week we have been discussing the formation of the Constitution of the United States as well as what we would like the Anderson Family Constitution to entail. The final document created a legislative, executive and judicial branch within our little family. Today, after several days of heavy campaigning, we held elections. In a landslide victory Mary was elected President (assigns jobs, organizes meetings and play dates, and selects the Judge) and shortly thereafter chose Emma to be the Judge (throws criminals in time out as needed). As you had to be at least 8 years old to be President, 10 years old to be judge Miia was elected to be one of two Representatives. That left Karen to be our sole Senator and me to fill the role as the second Representative.

Mary and Emma thought they had pulled off the ultimate coup of course. They could not believe that they were now the President and Judge of our family. Alas, Karen and I are no dummies. What they haven't yet figured out is that as the principle lawmakers, we can sign any bill we want into law and have the 2/3 majority needed in our Congress to override any veto that may come back to us from President Mary. Imagine the laws we could make....

Sunday, March 2

Ski conference

This past week I went to my first "Ski Conference".  Although I have been to several medical conferences over the past 8 years this was a new concept to me.  A ski conference is where doctors (or anyone else I imagine) get together to "learn" at a ski resort.  In this case the conference was held at the Snowbird Cliff Lodge.  The meetings were held each day from 7am-1030am, recessed until 4pm and then more meetings from 4pm-630pm.  Of course during the break there was a magnificent mountain just waiting for us to ski.  
One day I skied with my brother Trevor and the second day with my friend Jamie and his wife Kate (see above).  Although we love Ohio whenever I visit Utah I miss the mountains.