Sunday, November 12

A witch, a princess and a cow

We took a major step in the Halloween department this year. Our girls have always enjoyed dressing up, to be honest they would dress up almost every day of the year if they could. This year, however, was the first year they got really into trick-or-treating. Perhaps it was because we live in a real neighborhood this year (not that the University Village or our townhouse in Durham were not real neighborhoods) with houses and yards an tons of kids. People went out of their way to decorate their homes and set up their porches for little goblins to come by for candy. There was a yard decorated like a graveyard, two people who had built bonfires on their driveways, and even one guy dressed in a Harley-Davidson shirt and a long beard (costume or not??) who whispered that he had adult treats as well and showed me to a barrel full of Jello shots (of course I declined the offer.)

Mary and Emma ran from house to house and Miia tried with all of her might to keep up with her sisters despite her short little legs. It only took us an hour to canvas our neighborhood and by the end Emma and Mary had their bags so full that the straps had broken. Miia's basket was markedly smaller than her sister's bags so I ended up with half of her candy in the pockets of the cargo pants I was wearing. They had so much fun. I had so much fun watching them. It was a great Halloween.